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Oribi Gorge and Braai


We were very excited to experience some of the South African culture during our first weekend here! On Saturday we took a 7km hike through the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve. The gorge was carved by the Umzimkulwana River and is more »

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First visit to Murchison Hospital


  It is our second day. We are still recovering from jetlag but we are very excited to visit Murchison Hospital with the Johns Hopkins team. Murchison hospital is one of the satellite clinics that provides inpatient, outpatient medical and more »

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Arrival at Port Shepstone


We saw domestic cows and wild monkeys on our way to the B&B in Port Shepstone, South Africa. Zulu scholars arrived safe and sound.

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Logan Airport


We are just about to board. We are all here and ready to go on our South African adventure! Farewell, Zulu Scholars

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Zulu Scholars

Welcome to our Zulu Scholars 2013 site.  We will be leaving Boston on May 29th to go to Port Shepstone, South Africa.  I am the faculty member for this course  and welcome all of the readers of this blog to more »

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