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5 Questions (and Answers!) About Online Labs

Dr. Lynn Foord, PhD, MEd, PT Director of the Prerequisites for Health Professions Program MGH Institute of Health Professions. One of the most common questions I get from students researching prerequisite courses to prepare for graduate school in Nursing, Occupational Therapy, more »

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Border crossing

A beautiful white horse grazing in green mountains.

It’s hard to believe we have been here for only a week and a half, it really feels like so much longer. We have made so many new friends here and are starting to feel very settled in our new more »

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Ayurveda – “the oldest science available in the earth”

Visual representation of possible imbalances in the doshas of the body.

As part of our rotations, or “postings,” as they’re called at Manipal University, we had the opportunity to observe treatments in the Department of Ayurveda at Kasturba Medical Center.  Ayurveda, an ancient and traditional Indian medicine, is used with one more »

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Our Week in Community Posting

group 2 village

Greetings from India! This past week, we were lucky enough to accompany the fourth year BSc nursing students (equivalent to our BSN) to their community “posting” (placement) in a small village outside of Manipal. The Manipal College of Nursing (MCON) more »

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Caring for the Perpetrators of Trauma

The Schwartz Center Educational Rounds highlight the human side of clinical care by focusing on how providers can sustain their compassion. Sometimes, though, a clinician can find it difficult to muster compassion for a patient. In the rounds on February more »

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Tears of Joy: Google’s “Smart” Contact Lens Glucometer

The dreaded finger stick. Every nursing student remembers performing their first one on a patient. It involves a spring-loaded sharp lancet which pricks a small hole in the patient’s finger, from which a drop of blood is drawn and tested more »

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Greetings from Manipal, India!

Welcome to our first stab at group blogging for the IHP! We are four students and one professor traveling to India on an international immersion experience. We are all 3rd year Direct Entry Nursing students; we are here with the more »

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Introduction: What is Connected Health, and Why Should We Care?

Introduction: A scenario Imagine being transported back in time, say, fifteen years ago. Pre-Facebook and Twitter. Before “google” was a verb. The era when the terms “information super highway” and “cyberspace” could be used without eliciting a nostalgic smirk. Back more »

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