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Kasturba Hospital and the Yoga Center

The five of us got to tour Kasturba Hospital in Manipal. The hospital is huge. It has 2250 beds (MGH is 950 to give you a comparison) and 24 ICUs. The hallways and registration areas are VERY crowded, dark, and dirty. more »

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Temples of Karnataka

Namaste! [a Hindi greeting]. While in India, we’ve done our best to explore the local temples, as religion is a major part of the culture and everyday life. The majority of people practice Hinduism but there are also Christians and Jains more »

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Community Health and Morbidity Clinic near Manipal, India. IHP students reach Malpe!

On our third week in Manipal, we had the opportunity to attend a community health clinic design for second year BSc students. The professors assigned two different families to each student; within the next few weeks, the students have to interview  patients, gather more »

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Food of South India

A big part of the Indian lifestyle is the food! Luckily, our group of 4 students has an appreciation for how delicious South Indian food can be. As we’ve been saying, “we may not know what we’re eating, but it more »

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Greetings from Manipal, India!

Welcome to our first stab at group blogging for the IHP! We are four students and one professor traveling to India on an international immersion experience. We are all 3rd year Direct Entry Nursing students; we are here with the more »

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