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Ayurveda – “the oldest science available in the earth”

Visual representation of possible imbalances in the doshas of the body.

As part of our rotations, or “postings,” as they’re called at Manipal University, we had the opportunity to observe treatments in the Department of Ayurveda at Kasturba Medical Center.  Ayurveda, an ancient and traditional Indian medicine, is used with one more »

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Our Week in Community Posting

group 2 village

Greetings from India! This past week, we were lucky enough to accompany the fourth year BSc nursing students (equivalent to our BSN) to their community “posting” (placement) in a small village outside of Manipal. The Manipal College of Nursing (MCON) more »

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Infrastructure in Manipal, Karnataka, India

House under construction with laterite bricks in the foreground.

Frequent questions I’ve received from family, friends, and colleagues are: Where are you and what is it like? Where I am is fairly easy to answer; I am in the town of Manipal in the Udupi district of the Indian more »

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Observed Hospital Differences between U.S. and India


My first clinical assignment during our month long stay in Manipal, India was at Kasturba Hospital. Referred to as “postings” by the College of Nursing, these short visits to floors such as the ICUs and Causalities (equivalent to our Emergency more »

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Food and Nutrition in Manipal, India


Hello from India. I am in my final semester of the direct entry NP program, adult/geriatric acute care track. I worked as a registered dietitian specializing in nutrition support before starting school at MGH IHP. I am also a lover more »

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Hinduism in India

A second Tulsi plant seen in the village

Hinduism is the most common religion in India, with more than 85% of the population being Hindu. As students visiting Manipal University, we immediately noticed how Hinduism plays a large part in the every day life of the people in more »

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IHP NP Students’ Immersion in India

Getting ready for hospital rounds.....

Third year NP students from the Institute arrived in India to embark on an experience of a lifetime.  They hit the ground running with a packed schedule of visits to village clinics, child care and malnutrition programs, and hospital wards. more »

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