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Click on the play button above to hear church voices at Maluti Adventist College.

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Winter is Coming

Boys play soccer when the rains break under clearing skies by Maluti Elementary School.

“Winter is coming.” Dr. Corless pronounces sweetly with her usual charming smile. Marian and I exchange glances and laugh because she evidently has no idea of the joke she just inadvertently made, which only adds another layer of humor to more »

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End of Our First Week and the End of the Semester

Marian presenting HIV transmission from mother to infant.

It is now approaching a week that we have resided in Lesotho. We have been so absorbed preparing simulation materials to discuss with faculty and our presentations to the nursing students that there has been scarce time to write and more »

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First day at work!

Meeting with ICAP NEPI

Ever welcoming and refreshing with its fortified mountainous air, Lesotho has proven to be every bit as charming as one could hope for. The people we have met in the last 24 hours have been courteous and hospitable, jolly, funny, more »

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