Dominican Republic-Barrio Quisquella 01/10/2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bateye Quisquella

By Muni Adebimpe

It’s day two! Our amazing group rode all the way to Bayete Quisquella where we were able to service about 85 individuals. Highlights from the day included a man with a dislocated shoulder, a woman with lymphedema, a child with pneumonia, and a variety of individuals that presented with high blood pressure. All these individuals were managed and treated appropriately by the MGH-IHP nurses team alongside the medical doctors (who were Haitian and Dominican) and our very own Sara Smoller, an acute care nurse practitioner. Moreover, Krista worked with a young female who suffered from dismenorrphea and menoragia. A family health specialist was present at the clinic and was consulted for further management with birth control. The young patient quickly refused. The interpreters explained that birth control is taboo in the DR since society is heavily driven by religion and if discovered in her household, it would create significant problems. We involved her mother with our education, which allowed us to meet each other half way. This experience of cultural competency allowed for a common ground and the patient to leave with a three-month supply of birth control.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to engage and educate students (currently either undergraduates or recent high school graduates) who were considering a career in medicine or global health! What an amazing way to truly learn the impact of medicine, through various conversations with the Gap Medics students, it was evident that their lives would be forever changed as a result of the training they are receiving through the Gap team. On this day, the education teams presented outside of the church, in what would probably not be considered the ideal classroom but our teams came prepared to handle anything! To our surprise, the Haitian and Dominicans in the Bateyes took to our education sessions quite well and we were so glad they all had questions regarding the presentation content.


Krista and Muni prepare to give presentation on hypertension



Medical clinic set-up in church at batey


Mariel taking blood pressure


Playing a game with kids


Sara with a child


Mertie playing with a child









Pharmacy table


Lunchtime nap for Dillon




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