The Gang’s All Here!

It’s our first week of classes for the fall term. In May and June, the first year cohorts in the ABSN, DPT, OTD, and PA Studies programs come to the Navy Yard to begin their classes. This week, those veterans of one term were joined by the MS- Nursing and MS-SLP cohorts and the PhD students as well. The first year entry level class is now complete. Welcome to every one of you.

Joining the IHP community is about making a difference for others. That is the decision you made when you committed to your health profession and now that is the hallmark of your career choice. Symbolic of that commitment is our annual Community IMPACT Day.

This Friday, September 16, teams of students, 315 students in all will be involved in raking, painting, creating, reading, dancing, exercising, visiting, cooking, listening, cleaning, folding, playing, sailing, and dozens of other activities. Our annual community service day has grown to include nearly all of our entry level students and makes a huge impact around Boston, especially in our own Charlestown neighborhood.

Thank you to our students, faculty members, and IHP staff who will help kick off the semester with hundreds of volunteer hours of commitment on Friday! Special thanks to our Community Day Committee, led by Peter Cahn, and ably assisted by Heather Easter and a team of many faculty and staff members!

Also students, have a great time on your cruise of the Boston Harbor on Thursday evening. Thanks to Kerry Kearns and Erin Phair from the Office of Student and Alumni Services for their work in making this happen.

I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early Friday AM for Community IMPACT Day!

PS-Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures on the cruise and community day so we can all see what is happening. Our partner agencies ask that you not take pictures of their clients, patients or their students!

** On Community Impact Day, tag photos on social media using the hashtag #IHPImpact or send to


Alex Johnson

Role: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. In this role, I am most interested in education, research, and practice issues for health care professionals. I am a speech-language pathologist and had the great opportunity to work in the field of Communication Disorders as a clinician, administrator and an academic for over 25 years.

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