First Day!

Dumela friends & family!  We wanted to write to let you know that we arrived safely and are really excited to begin our wonderful collaboration with the Maluti Adventist College here in Lesotho.   Our host colleagues were waiting for us at the airport in Maseru to give us a warm welcome and have been incredibly hospitable to us.  We made our first purchases when we realized that the conversion plugs that we brought with us were not ones that would work and were in need of new ones. Our friends kindly took us to Pioneer Mall, one of two shopping malls in the country, the largest one in the capital city of Maseru, to pick up new ones before we headed out to our final destination of Mapoteng.  Our drive up was scenic rural landscape and we got to see a brief glimpse of the beautiful highlands of Lesotho.

After we dropped off our luggage, we had a delicious meal in the school’s cafeteria and then took a tour of the skills simulation facility to get inspired and geared up for upcoming simulations.  We then retreated to rest after our long journey.  At night the stars and the moon light up the sky in Lesotho and with the sun-rise new adventures!

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One comment on “First Day!
  1. JZ says:

    Yay so glad yall made it there safely! Keep the updates coming! Pics too please!!

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