IHP NP Students’ Immersion in India

Third year NP students from the Institute arrived in India to embark on an experience of a lifetime.  They hit the ground running with a packed schedule of visits to village clinics, child care and malnutrition programs, and hospital wards.  While the trip over was long and tiring it seems to be well worth the effort!

In addition to their clinical activities, each student is focusing on one topic that will be used as a basis for their Scholarly Project – a requirement for graduation.  Their topics are framed by the UN Millennium Development Goals and encompass the pressing issues of global health care today, ie, clean water, maternal-child mortality, and  treatment programs for TB  in low-middle income countries (India accounts for 20% of the world’s cases of tuberculosis).

Over the next several weeks, the students will be posting on a variety of aspects of their visit – hospital experiences, food, visits to temples and other architectural sites, etc.   Enjoy!

Getting ready for hospital rounds.....

Getting ready for hospital rounds…..

Primary mode of transportation... the auto rickshaw....

Primary mode of transportation… the auto rickshaw….

The Anganawadi: ground zero for malnutrition prevention in India

The Anganawadi: ground zero for malnutrition prevention in India

Afternoon visitors to my flat.....

Afternoon visitors to my flat…..

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