Happy PA Week!


Happy PA Week from your newly accredited MGH Institute PA program! The PA profession was “born” in the mid-1960s thanks to the vision of Dr. Eugene Stead and the skills and commitment of the veterans, corpsmen and medics, who took a leap of faith in joining the very first class of PAs. In the 20 years since I graduated from my PA program, I have had the distinct pleasure of watching my beloved profession grow in scope, numbers, and recognition. When I took my first job as a PA educator, there were approximately 90 accredited programs in the country. Today, there are 190 accredited PA programs, 60+ developing programs in the pipeline, and growing numbers of PA programs outside of the U.S.

With our membership in the Partners family, the MGH IHP PA program has the unique opportunity to create a pipeline of highly qualified PA graduates and support for the practicing PAs in our affiliated clinics and hospitals. With the resources and innovative spirit of the MGH Institute behind us, the MPAS is positioned to make significant contributions to the PA profession, locally, nationally, and even in the international arena. I look forward to next year’s PA Week when we will celebrate with our inaugural class, the PA Class of 2017.


Lisa Walker

Role: Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies

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