Stephan’s Guest House


Today, I am going to talk about Stephan’s Guest House, the B&B at which we are staying.  When the owner, Stephan came from Germany to visit his uncle in Port Shepstone in 2004, he was amazed by the beautiful views around his uncle’s property which was situated right in front of the beautiful Tweni beach and Port Shepstone Country Club. He then wanted to build a B&B Guest House right next to his uncle’s house to share the beautiful scenery with others.

Stephan’s Guest House was opened with three guest rooms in 2005. He has continued to add more rooms and amenities for his guests. Now he has nine guest rooms and two pools, a large dinning room with great beach views, and a relaxing living room with a wet bar in the corner. Two barbeque decks are around the pools and Koi fish are swimming around the pond next to the flower gardens. It is just breathtaking!

He has always made us feel at home providing us with everything we need. When we stay late at night doing  work, he checks in with us to see if everything is okay.

Our colleagues from Johns Hopkins recommended this place. It has been a great recommendation.

Stephan Guest House 1


Stephan Guest House 2


Stephan Guest House 3


Stephan Guest House 4

Ashley Chun

Student at MGH IHP with Gero/Adult Primary care NP specialty. 2013 Zulu Scholar

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